Go Dj XO Gets Lyrical In New Video “On Us” | @XOontheBEAT

Go Dj Xo just keeps getting better and he’s improving like he isn’t already one of Houston’s best. The well respected hybrid-artist, who was formally known form his production, is now embracing his lyricism. On new track “On Us,” is rapping like a rapper, if that makes scene. Dj Xo, goes in on the beat immediately and he doesn’t let up. Line-after-line is a bar. Dj Xo knew he was really spitting because in the song he alludes to one of the best lyricist in Houston, King Beezy. On the track he says, “Look at me, this my season, life ain’t never been easy, I’m about to rap Doughbeezy.” That alone let’s you know that he is coming with it lyrically. Check out the Spice Lane’s product new video “On Us” below.

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