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Sitting around trying to decide what kind of food you are in the mood for is always a chore. Fusion restaurants that combine cultures are usually a good way to settle things; even better are combination restaurants like Cowboys & Indians Tex-In Kitchen. The unassuming eatery is located on Taft in what could be considered Montrose/Midtown/Fourth Ward. Pairing Indian favorites with Southern essentials, this restaurant is a perfect place to get a variety of eats to try out.

I found this location by searching for local delivery when I was famished one night after work. I looked through the menu surprised to see the combinations that were available. I was wary about the mix- assuming that at least one of the two staple cuisines had to be done less impressively than the other. I held off that evening so that I could explore the options fully in-person, and I was not disappointed.

A week later, after spending an entire day apartment hunting around the city, I happened to be in the neighborhood starving for some quality food. A buddy and I stopped in and decided to each get one of the cuisines to share. I went with the chicken fried steak which I unashamedly carbo-loaded with mashed potatoes and Masala Fries. The steak was tender, yet crispy and perfectly seasoned with a deliciously rich gravy over the top. The Masala fries were covered in an enticing spice-blend that paired well with the barbecue-like sauce that covered them along with onions and jalapenos. My friend got the lamb Vindaloo and made sure to ask for it extra spicy- a request that was very much obliged. The curry that coated the lamb was spicy enough to singe our tongues, but the sauce was so well composed that the spice didn’t overpower or detract from its deliciousness. Plated with a bowl of basmati rice, some raita (a condiment that helps cool down the palate), and some naan this dish was just as filling as the Southern-fried specialty.

While I personally did not dive into the drink options that day, there is a bar that seems well-stocked to fit your needs. Instead, I was focused on a raspberry lassi composed of cold yogurt, ice, and sweetened fruit to round out the meal. Be sure to explore their options and feel confident that no matter which side of the menu you choose, you won’t be disappointed! 

1901 Taft St.
Houston, TX 77006
Hours: Mon-Thurs 11AM-9PM
Friday 11AM-11PM
Saturday 10AM-11PM
Sunday 10AM-9PM

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