Rising Conroe Artist Sammie Gee Is Catching A Buzz With New Track “FIJI”| @Realsammiegee

Picking up steam from Conroe, Texas, The Real Sammie Gee comes through with new track “FIJI.” In late February, Sammie submitted this song to the Radio Boss Kiotti and he received awesome reviews. Not only did Kiotti play it on his Instagram Live, but he also started grooving to the song and world famed Jhonni Blazed joined him on the turn up. “FIJI” isn’t like anything we normally hear out of the Houston area, but if you want to make it in hip-hop, you have to differentiate yourself and that’s what Sammy did with “FIJI.” He has the up tempo beat, the unique delivery and cool lyrical content. Sammie is somebody that the new generation of hip-hop will gravitate towards for sure. “FIJI” has already surpassed 1k views on SoundCloud. Check out his single “FIJI” below and check out the video of Kiotti and Jhonni Blaze turn up to his track.

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