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It’s about time we give Molly Dotson her credit for being Houston’s nightlife queen. For more than half a decade, Molly has been responsible for providing the sexiest staff of the best bartenders, hosts, bottle girls, and door girls in Houston. At nearly every Houston hot spot, Molly and her staff of beautiful Nightlife Queens are there making sure you are receiving exceptional service to correspond with your enjoyable night. She’s at Spire on Sundays, D Bar on Thursdays, Proof Rooftop on Fridays, Engine Room on Saturday and beginning next week, she’ll be and her new Friday spot, Mynt.

Growing up in the Dead End/ South Park area, it was never in Molly’s career plans to rule Houston’s party scene but as a kid, she’s always had a party persona.

“I never thought I’d be a promoter,” said Molly. ” In high school, I’ve always had house parties and hotel parties with my family and or friends, but when I grew up, my friends and I started going out deep. We’d be turning up, dancing then the party promoters started asking me to host.”

After her first hosting job at 20-years-old, where she packed the entire club and only received a bottle of Rose, Molly knew she had to get paid for her services. Later on that year, the pro team from Toc Bar gave Molly her first paid gig as a sub promoter for their college party. The party ended up being a success and since then Molly’s career of a host went to another level. People began to recognize her and her services. She became a local celebrity. She was getting paid to host and promote, getting in everywhere for free and most importantly she was slowly taking control of a male-dominated club industry.

“I worked my way up fast in the business and people started calling me the queen,” said Dotson, Houston’s Night Life Queen. “I didn’t embrace it because I didn’t have any female competition. I was competing with all guys.”

Molly grew frustrated with sexism in the industry and she quit. She quit everything pertaining the nightlife, including going out to party.

“I felt like I was getting outvoted all the time,” she said. “I felt as if my success didn’t matter and I was standing alone. No matter how much work I put in, only the guys got recognized. It’s no hard feelings, I love my guys, but I had to step aside to prove that female’s minds are worth something.”

Molly did step away for a while, but what’s nice comes twice and Molly is the nicest. Molly has returned to the club scene and she returned with a vengeance. Not only is she back, but she made herself a boss. Yes, she’s still doing hosting and promoting, but she added a team to go along with her, the Houston Nightlife Queens.

She employs Houston’s sexiest women to accompany her and help out with her nightlife duties. If you need any of her services, just visit her website Now, there’s no denying or competing with Molly.

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