Mr. Boomtown fans, fasten your seat belts and get ready to go on a thrilling ride through the grimy streets of Houston, Texas for his new movie “Candy.” Mr.Boomtown out did himself with his debut on the big screen for sure. “Candy,” written, produced and directed by Nahala Johnson aka Mr. Boomtown, tells an authentic Houston street tale of a female drug lord, Candy, played by Sheneka Adams, and her street sisterhood of Ya Ya, Dody and Joy.

The four women are battling to maintain power in the streets while dodging a crooked cop who wants them dead or alive. Normally men control the activities that go on in the ghettos, but the uniqueness about this movie is that every major play that takes place is orchestrated by Candy, the sexy no non-sense leader.

Don’t let her pretty face fool you, she has boss credentials and will have you taken care of. It’s damn near suicide to get on her bad side or pose as a come up.

YaYa, played by Eteria Ashford, is her right hand and best friend. Her role is the enforcer. Don’t be blinded by her sexiness either, if Candy has a problem, Ya Ya takes care of it without hesitation.

Dody, played by Gina Caliste, is Candy’s younger cousin who’s as loyal as they come, but as gullible as a kid who believes in Santa Clause.

And Joy, played by Jessica Kylie, is the seductive Latina setup chick. Nothing distracts mission the money mission. If you’re in the way, she’s taking you out.

The women use a high end hair and massage salon in the hub of the city to launder their money. The salon acts as a place not only for the women to get pampered to look good doing dirt, but it’s also the information source of the streets. It’s sort of the hood headquarters. They go there to find the latest gossip and tips to stay ahead because there is a crooked cop, Soso played by Kendrick Smith, wanting them out the game.

“Candy” also has cameos from hip-hop legends Bun B who plays Mr. Mack, and Scarface, who plays Kenny Banks. “Candy” will revolutionize the Houston independent movie industry. With tremendous usage of POV angles and skilled drone operation, Mr.Boomtown was able to vividly capture every image he desired with picture perfect sharpness. Also the external sound team did a excellent job. The sound is so clear and loud that any form of action provides extra feeling of tension for the audience.

One of the best things Nahala Johnson did with this movie was his casting. He gave opportunities for aspiring actors and actress’ to be a part of something major. AJ Johnson, who is mostly known for his role in Friday is the only actor in the movie with adequate acting experience. He played Ezal. His character in “Candy” was Lollipop (Candy’s brother).  Mr.Boomtown hit the nail on the head with this one.

“Candy” has a chance to be an urban classic, like “Set It Off”, or “Menace II Society.” I wouldn’t be surprised if this movie serves as a boost for future acting careers. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t. Everyone who’ve seen the final product of “Candy” raved about it and so will you. I hope you’re ready!

Side note: The timing of this movie couldn’t be more perfect. In a time where women are fighting their strongest fight to be equalized as men, Nahala Johnson, did a masterful job of displaying women empowerment. Although the movie involves intense criminal activity, Mr. Boomtown proved that women can be chiefs. In “Candy,” you’ll find leadership, loyalty, integrity, courage, and any other qualities it takes to be a boss.