There are somethings that happen that you know that are going to be special. Special like when DJ Screw accidentally shifted the pitch that slowed down his mix, or when Houston’s front runners all got signed at the same time. Even special like Drake selling out his first concert that he did in Houston. Tobe Nwgiwe did not only create a historic special moment for those in attendance at the White Oak Music Hall, but he permanently solidified his place in the culture. If your question is “Who is Tobe Nwgiwe?” then my friend you are very late to the party. No need to worry, Houston TREND Magazine will be featuring Mr. Nwgiwe on the next cover so we will be able to catch you up there. This is about the essence of the spirit that consumed the souls that where hypnotized by an artist whom truly puts effort in his music and his performance.  


Around 5p the line was wrapped around the corner and down the block full of people anticipating an amazing show. By the end of the night, ever single one of them would not be disappointed. The show started at 7p with an high energy performance from Tim Woods! Tim warned the crowd the if the energy has high enough the he might jump in the crowd. He didn’t for the best interest of those in the crowd that might have been concerned. Even without the crowd dive Woods delivered an impressive set!      


An elating performance was given  by Luke Whitney whom strung and sung his way in the audiences hearts. A perfect blend of  an acoustic guitar and eclectic vocals.  Luke would set the standard for the sort of performances the ones in attendance would see. For those that were not familiar with him quickly got in tune. His vocals demanded your attention as you listened to the heavenly sounds that he would produce. 

Next to set the stage was the lovely Madeline Edwards. Madeline’s voice had a real jazz swag with major power to it. She performed her set with a suited live band equipped with a vicious Sax player and an even cold Trumpet player. The sounds of the keys and drummer kept you in tune as Madeline sung and even skated 

Now was the moment that everyone had been waiting for. After all the appetizers of crab caked and other assorted finger foods had been served it was time for the main course. An incredibly produced video montage began to play giving the audience a small visual of all the steps it took for Tobe to get where he is today. Once the video ended Tobe erupted from back stage and the energy went from a hundred to a thousand real quick! The crowd was so in sync with Tobe that he could have put the mic down and let sold out crowd sing “Whats It’s For” for him. Elated from the excitement Tobe had a small jam session with the drummer and the crowd chanting “WE SOLD IT OUT!!” Following that the venue would go pitch black and all was there was Tobe’s voice describing that if he is going to do this, he would have to take it back. The lights came on and the famous couch with Tobe’s wife Fat, would be on stage. In the Get Twisted Sundays tradition of him siting on the floor in front of Fat as she would twist his hair into locs, Tobe would preform his So Gone Challenge and Knockin Pictures Off The Wall freestyle. 

The show was completely incredible and this is not an oversell or over exaggerating. If anything the word incredible is under mining all of the effort that was put in to give such a great show! If you are not on the Tobe Nwgiwe train now, trust you will be in the near future. Whether you’re a fan of true Hip-Hop and lyrics or a fan of feel good music, you will soon be captivated. 

written by: Elliot Guidry

photos by: Elliot Guidry