Portuguese cuisine seems to be an enigmatic concept in the United States. In fact, Portugal in general tends to be a mystery for most. Luckily, Houston restaurant Oporto is shedding light on the rich culture and delicious food of one of Europe’s most gorgeous countries.

The Midtown “fooding house” is hard to miss with its location at the junction of Gray and Webster. Plenty of space is available for diners, drinkers, individuals, and groups. An open kitchen allows guests to see the magic happening in the restaurant with only a short counter between themselves and the incredible food. Beside the kitchen is an extensive bar with options to enjoy before, during, or after a meal. Be sure to try the staple Caipirinha- a cocktail comprised of lime, cachaça (also known as aguardiente), and piloncillo.

Aside from the beautiful interior, the deliciously potent cocktails, and the warmly inviting atmosphere of Oporto, the true star of the show is the mouthwatering menu. Exploring a substantial menu can be a daunting task that is almost always bound to end with at least one item that does not make the cut for greatness. Oporto has proven to be an exception to this rule with every item tried being flavorful, filling, and full of insight into the cuisine and history of Portugal. The Pão com Chouriço is the perfect start to a meal with savory Spanish chorizo wrapped inside potato bread. Portugal’s history of occupation in other countries has created a unique blend of regional cuisines. Indian curries are available on the menu along with African sauces and spices. A must-have is the lunch menu’s “Francesinha,” an intimidating burger composed of hangar steak, chorizo, ham, raclette cheese, on brioche toast topped with a fried egg and smothered in tomato/beer sauce. It’s the kind of combination that will satisfy anyone and immediately require a post-meal nap.

Houston has proven to be its own unique melting pot for cuisines from around the world. Portugal is an incredibly unique region to delve into and Oporto is providing foodies and newbies alike the opportunity to expand their palates. Be sure to stop-by the Midtown location or for a quicker, more casual meal check out Oporto Café at Richmond and Weslayan.  

Oporto Fooding House & Wine Location:
125 W Gray Street
Houston, TX 77019
Hours: Mon-Wed 11AM-10PM
Thurs-Sat 11AM-11PM
Sun 11AM-3PM
Happy Hour: 3-6:30PM