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Why YOU Haven’t Made It Yet.. (School of Rocky)

Are you an artist?

Are you rich and makin tons of money off your music and career?

Then why TF are you HERE?

Please exit this article and go search Bentley’s or throw money all over the room or whatever rich music artists do with their spare time..

THIS is for poor, struggling artists ONLY..

Ok… now that its just us, let’s talk..

I’d like you to ask yourself a question RIGHT NOW for me. What exactly is YOUR idea of “makin it” in the music industry?

Is it hundreds of thousands of fans commenting on your Instagram page, performing in front large crowds, or having a celebrity comment on your post? Maybe it’s havin 6 figures in your bank account or bein able to move your Mom into the home of her dreams… maybe it’s ordering a Bentley custom or havin all your friends be jealous of you. MAYBE it’s exactly what you see online from some of the artists you currently listen to on the radio or on iTunes.

Once you figure out what is YOUR idea of makin it, work backwards..

Think of your life as a movie or biopic.

What’s your story?

Where did you start?

Did you make it to a Bentley by coming out with two mixtapes? Even if you released 20 mixtapes, did you just release them online and not improve your quality? Did you “make it” by sounding exactly like somebody else in the industry?

Ok wait… so this must be how the story goes…

Boy does 20 mixtapes and sends them to a list of celebrity DMs.

One day a celebrity with 500,000 followers, opens the DM and listens to it (because he doesn’t have anything else to do and YOU are the ONLY person out of 500,000 followers to send their music to this celebrity). He contacts you back and asks you to come on tour with him and pays you 10K a show. You stack your money and buy a Bentley. Then you come home and stunt on your friends.

That’s the story right?

Seems a little unrealistic doesn’t it.

If you picked rap as a career, you must run you career as a new business.

Would you buy Nike shoes if they were dirty, torn, and falling apart?


You buy Nike shoes because of how the shoes are marketed. You might’ve seen them on someone else. Maybe Nike told you they were getting ready to come out. You could’ve had money to blow and went looking and just so happened to fall in love with a pair in the store.

As someone who spends money, you pick and choose what YOU wanna spend money on.

Fans are the same way.

Fans are what makes ANY rap artist a “celebrity”.

If you don’t understand how to get and keep fans, then maybe the question you should be asking yourself isn’t “Why Haven’t I Made IT’. The question you should be asking is “How Can I Get More Fans”

Good question right?

Back to the Nike shoes..

Did you buy the shoes because someone made you feel bad about buying the shoes? Did someone from Nike hop into your DM and say BUY THESE SHOES?

You bought the shoes because they FIT AND YOU LIKED THEM.

What does this have to do with you being a music artist?

Your music is your product just like the Nikes. Nike became Nike not by marketing their product to rich, white-collar men over 55. Nike narrowed down who would buy their shoes and marketed them to Athletes.

Make sure your “Nikes” aren’t dirty, torn, or falling apart. Your music should be top notch quality. Your beats should sound GREAT. Your lyrics should MAKE SENSE. The song should flow properly.

Ask your TOUGHEST critic for feedback. Yes Men are Death Men..

Narrow down your potential fanbase and “attack”. Find out where or what social media pages they hang out on. Find out what restaurants they eat at. What places they shop at? MAJOR KEY: Don’t go to places that already are oversaturated to find new fans like the radio or other celebrity DMs. There’s so many new rap artists that they are overloaded with new music options. Even if you get to them, they are gonna look at… (that’s right) YOUR FANBASE.

Now once you are in front of your fan, whether it be in person or online, DON’T SPAM THEM.

Go and like some pictures. Comment on a few of their posts (something not about your music). Don’t ask that they spend money or demand that they do anything. Just try being a friend. Don’t be the artist that is more concerned with getting a 100,000 followers as opposed to nurturing one fan that would tell 20 people who tell 20 more people who tell 20 more people. If you are in person, don’t hand them a CD. Hand them a promo item with your Instagram info on it instead. Get creative. Be different.

Even if you decide to go another route to gain fans, the point is to TRY. One fan at a time slowly build your fanbase.

Then… BE GRATEFUL for the fans you HAVE.

Keep showing love

So in conclusion, you haven’t “made it” because your idea of “makin it” is unreasonable when compared to the amount of work, studying, TIME and thinking outside the box you have done to grow your business. 

Find me online and argue with me..

I can almost guarantee you that YOU are NOT the exception to this blog..


Rocky Rockett


Instagram – @OfficialRockyRockett

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