Check Out The Swaggy Hipster Lenny Chaos In New “Hi Key” Video (Shot By OTR Views ) | @LennyChaos333

Leonis Jenkins, also known as Lenny Chaos, expresses a lot of swag in his new “Hi Key” video. He and OTR Views obliviously has good chemistry as he captured the style Lenny wanted to display. On “HiKey,” Lenny, the swaggy hispter has a calm flow and dark lyrics that compliments the beat perfectly and OTR matched the energy with the edits.

The video starts off cool with Chaos low-key swaggy, blowing loud with the bros, laced with nice drip. You peep the goggles? Then, OTR captivates the viewers attention when Lenny is surrounded by the tall white lights. Lenny’s message is clearly sent then. Low key, but he’s hi key and if he’s not the one, God can strike him. This video was perfect for this song.

This South Park resident feels like his timing is now. Since he has matured and his craft has matured, we could expect more music from this guy soon. Until then, jam the “Hi Key” below that has already surpassed 4k views.

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