East Texas Native Summer Brown Shows Mixed Emotions In “High School Lover” Video | @teamsummer101

Nowadays it’s rare to find some who understands the value of true of love at any age, let alone be 20. Residing from East Texas, young Summer Brown, 20, expressed a great deal of passion towards her obvious “High Lover” in her new visual. 

When watching this video, it instantly takes you back to the ’90s era of r&b music when premature love mattered. Summer probably caught her dude creeping, and now she lost in her emotions. Don’t know if she wants to leave or stay, but she knows she can’t get over him. 

“High School Lover” is a nice video for the young lovers of the world. Yeah, they’re in disagreement, but the two still enjoy what looks like a wonderful time at the carnival.  Brown has her home-girls in the video as backup dancers, and she’s just singing her little heart out.  It’s good to see they’re still some people who believe in love. Check out the video below. 

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