Flight Gang Ballout Immortalizes His Dead Homie Sheezy In New Track “Solid Sh*t Only”| @FG_Bally

One thing is for certain; everybody is going to die one day. But what matters is how people are going to remember you, if they’ll even remember you at all. Very few people have a strong enough impact on the world to be considered a legend.

Sheezy of Laced Fam and Flight Gang was one of the few people. Before he died, he had a potent influence on the Houston youth. He epotimized the phrase “leader of the new school.” His powerful presence led him to having relationships with rappers, O.G’s, kids, and anybody who stood for “solid sh*t.” Sheezy is no doubt legendary.

Now that he’s is no longer physically here with us, his partner Flight Gang Ballout is making sure his presence is still strongly felt with new track “Solid Shit Only.”

If you knew Sheezy, you’d know he always rocked a huge flooded “S” around his neck. It’s not because he’s Superman, It’s because he’s a solid individual who was loyal to a fault.

Over a heavy trap production Ballout, effortlessly tells us how he and his gang make the mission of getting money, in all forms and fashion, look effortless. Check out “Solid Sh*t Only” below.

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