Imagine having the skills to be the next best thing, and still going unnoticed. Imagine, in your eyes, being the best artists, or the hair dresser or having the best product on the market, and you could couldn’t get a buyer. Nothing can be more frustrating to an entrepreneur than having not seeing your millions dollar idea not make millions. It’s like when Bun B said on Jeezy’s “Trap or Die,” song, “You got the connect, but you ain’t got the clientele.”

Even in today’s social media driven world, where it’s easier for people to gain exposure, it still can be tough to properly build and engage with your online audience. Not to mention, it gets more discouraging because social media is flooded with dull social media strategies and media “savvy” people. But through it all, there’s still an honest way to authentically build your online social status.

The social media experts at The Diamond Digital Co., are specialist in social media influence. Not using the lame buying followers and fake comment tactics, The professionals at Diamond Digital use strategic methods that’ll not only build your social media status, but it’ll be with the people of your kind. Based on the people you follow and the things you like, Diamond Digital will have increase followers your engagement.

Kelby Dishman, CEO of the company, says, “We use proprietary software that creates engagement, something called engagement groups, content strategy, influencer marketing, and good ads.”

So far Diamond Digital have many clients, but their most notable is the King Of Bling, Johnny Dang. For Johnny, Diamond Digital provides social media management social media sales, which includes all social networks: Twitter Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. They also provide public relation services and event planning.

Just in this past month, Johnny’s Youtube account gained 16, 582 subscribers, 2,332,939 views and 5,724,630 min watches, 34,000 likes and 23,000 shares.

Not saying that you’re numbers is going to be like Johnny’s, but what I am saying is that Diamond Digitals could be your relief to this social media headache.