On Jan 20th late Monday evening, the cinematic trailer to “All Screwed Up” was released and the the internet went into shock. For the first time those of us whom didn’t get experience being around the late great and legendary, DJ Screw was given a one minuet and ten second window into a small portion of his life. Writer & Director Issac “Chill” Yowman stated that while he is happy to see the positive responses the trailer received, it was never meant to be released. Following the video being leaked, they put together today’s (Friday, Jan 24, 2020) press conference to help clear up some of the rumors that started to circulate on the internet.

First, contrary to the rumors “All Screwed Up” is not a feature film. It is a docu-series. Second, it is unclear as to what avenue they will seek in order to release it to the public when its ready to air. With that said, there is currently no set release date as of yet. 

One thing was made very clear “This series is made to unite Houston.” says Yowman after being asked about if he believes if the North Side / South Side rivalry would be refueled. 

“This is a 100% Houston made film.” 

The Mo-City native stated that its important to him that everyone everywhere is able to see Houston can keep up with other cities when it comes to producing films. 

During the press conference, Mayor Turner’s daughter, Ashley Turner presented DJ Screw’s sister, Michelle Williams with a ceremonial document of proclamation in order to commemorate January 24th henceforth as the official DJ SCREW DAY in Houston.