Mexican American Artist MikeAngelo Drops New Track “Como Pablo”

Entering the rap game catering strictly to his heritage, Mexican American artists MikeAngelo drops new track “Como Pablo.”

Over some smooth Latin influenced trap production by Ohh Ross, MikeAngelo from Houston’s southeast side uses his melodic flow to express his desires of living like legendary drug kingpin Pablo Escobar.

Even though MikeAngelo is American-born, this track, “Como Pablo,” which literally “Like Pablo Escobar,” is fluently in the Spanish language.

He uses lyrics like:
” quiero vivir como pablo
y tener todo lo que no tienen ustedes
yo no tengo que firmarle al diablo
para llenarme de poderes”

In translation he says,”

“I want to live like Pablo Escobar and have all the things that you don’t have.
I don’t have to sign to the devil to get power.”

As we all know, Pablo Escobar had it all, money, power, respect, all the things that regular exists in a luxurious lifestyle, and 23-year-old artist MikeAngelo is here for it all. Check out “Como Pablo” below.

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