Mufasa Enzor is something special. You’re not really sure how to describe it, but the vibe you get is definitely something pure. He started getting his musical feet wet at the historical S.H.A.P.E. Center in Houston’s Third Ward. There he learned structure, form and more importantly storytelling from teachers who played OutKast as a reference. This helped Mufasa create a perfect combination of his voice and his production. You can hear influences like Andre 3000, Travis Scott, Kanye West, Kid Cudi and more all there. After listening to The S.H.A.P.E. Center alumni’s music you will not only see how he has gained new fans like LE$ and Wiz Khlifia but you will see that it can fit any vibe. For instance, You have some company over, and you need some tunes to set the mood, play some Mufasa Enzor. You’re on a night ride to Coronado beach on the west coast? He has a wave for that too. Dubbed the “Wave God”, by Izzar Thomas, Mufasa certainly has a legendary future ahead of him. Be sure to check out his albums and EPs on all digital streaming platforms. 

(Photos by: @the.odiwams )


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