GUAPO – “Intro”

Every so often in hip-hop, comes a young artist who substantially stands out from the rest. One who has the swag, and the streets. The internet and real life. Right now, here in the H, that young artist is GUAPO. Clearly there is some truth behind his Instagram name, “GuapoHimself.” This dude has to be him; at least on the rap side for sure. His video, “Into,” which he dropped two days ago, (Jan. 27), has already hit the 10k mark. That alone speaks volumes. GUAPO is young, fly, flashy and most impressively, he’s not young and dumb. As soon as you click on the link to his video “Intro” it’s crystal clear that “Any PROPS used in this video that look like illegal items are merely props.” Twelve better think twice. Check out “Intro” below and for more information on GUAPO, follow him on the Gram @GuapoHimself.

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