Released in 2020, Buss It soon became a Houston-hit for the new 1501 Certified Entertainment artist. By 2021, it became a huge hit on the international market on the app Tik Tok and peaked at number 62 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart list. This anthem soon got the attention of celebrities and prominent figures from around the world, when the beat dropped, so did they. When this chart-topping single comes on, best believe everyone in the club, male or female will sing/rap those lyrics and of course drop it low.

Hailing from DeSoto, Texas, poet, singer, rapper Erica Banks is still growing her bag with this remix from MoCity’s very own, Travis Scott! Trust, this is another notch she can put in her belt, right beside signing to Warner Records. Travis takes the intro with his own take on the single, plus ad-libs and the different cadences of his verses paired with Erica’s hard-rap, how can you not love it? Since its release today, the video has already received more than 12k views, within the hour! Just watch the number for tomorrow and you’ll see just how much power Houston has.

Check out the full video below: