February 26th, 2021 will forever be one of the many iconic days we’ve ever had in Houston.
After the previous week of discomfort, and those going through the toughest hurdles, here at
Dios is where sanctuary and happiness were provided. Owned by Houston’s legendary rapper
LE$ and multimedia executive Jorgey, Dios is where creativity and love for the city of Houston
and its culture can intertwine in peace. Located on Fannin, these innovative business owners
gave the public something they’ll never forget. The line wrapped around 2 blocks, filled with
multimedia journalists & fans. It was impossible for you not to network with anyone in line,
especially since everyone spanned from other countries and other areas out of Houston. One fan
flew from Belgium! Each step was a step closer to meeting Freddie Gibbs, one of the best
freestylers known in this generation.


Throughout the line, freestyles from different fans rolled as the DJ played some throwback – new
singles like Southside by Lil Keke, UGK, and Solange. Which made the wait worth it. Each fan
had their own story of how they loved Freddie Gibbs (pause), which tapes were the most
relatable to them, how they view him as an artist and freestyler, and so on.
Dios brought Freddie Gibbs to the city for a meet and greet pop-up. The ambience was chill, laid
back with various artists playing on the big screen inside; outside Le$, Jorgey, and some
Houston Heavyweights like Slim Thug were taking pictures, interacting with fans. One thing’s for
sure about our culture in Houston, Texas, a true legend in the game will never turn down fans or
a great knowledgeable conversation.

Freddie was there to greet fans, sign some merchandise of his, and talk somewhat to them. He
stood in the back where fans could purchase their merchandise and afterwards take photos
with him. 




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