Move over fellas and let the Queens through. If you know the real Houston, you know the women bring it just as hard as their male counterparts in this game. Unapologetic, confident, transparent and a for sure hit, Monaleo drops a historic favorite, but as a remastered single. Produced by Merion Krazy, this hit called Beating Down Yo’ Block, grabs your ears and makes you listen to what this hard-hitting, hard-spitting artist has to say. Released on March 1st of this year, it has already generated over 4k and growing!

Taking from the original single by Youngstar, Knocking Pictures Off Da Wall (2002), Merion Krazy puts an entirely different spin on it. Even on the punchlines in Monaleo’s rap, he drops the track, excluding that hard bass for the emphasizing effect on Monaleo’s vocals. Now, let’s not forget the main go-getter with some of the best lyricism used in this single, Monaleo.

Coming with her two-cadence rap, Monaleo details what she will and won’t tolerate from anybody, anywhere. The emotion felt behind the lyrics makes you want to get in the booth yourself to do a re-remix along with her! A queen with the pen and winner with a ribbon, not only is this a hit, but how do you not repeat these lyrics and not scream them at the top of your lungs?

So I’m.. Pimpin on a daily basis,

I’m quick to break a n*gga down for them dead faces!

I don’t f*ck with b*tches, we not friends and we not pals,

Beating down yo’ block taking n*ggas from they gals.

I’ve been jamming this since it came out and haven’t stopped. Frequently, I play certain parts back because it’s too fire and I have to listen to it again and again and again. Not to mention, this single is doing numbers, and the video hasn’t been released yet!

Listen to the full single below and follow her instagram!