One thing Houston never comes short of is the creativity in music, and here’s a representation of that. Jean Lamont, of Houston, has been dropping music for more than seven years and has demolished the competition every, single, time. A producer, entertainer, stylist and model, there isn’t anything that he can’t do. I’ve been jamming this single ever since it dropped and now, it’s brought to everyone.

You may associate his style with that of Cactus Jack (Travis $cott), Don Toliver or even equate the production to the same principles. But truth told, he’s been having this style earlier than 2013. The style in his cadence is uncanny, paired with his smooth vocals and the ability to allow the listener to see what is being portrayed in the lyrics presents a different style of storytelling. He has gained much traction on various music outlets and has continued to tap into his production creativity with his past release of his mixtape Coffee; how has he not appeared not he red carpet yet?

Maybe there’ll be a joint mixtape between the Cactus Boys and Jean Lamont, or even a remix in the future.

Follow his instagram and check out the newest single FUSS below.