Deezy Da Duce Drops Visual ft. Bun B – Cold Case

From the project #BSPWM (B*tch, Stop Playing Wit Me), Deezy Da Duce dropped the visual for the single Cold Case featuring legend, OG Bun B. Even though Deezy is from Beaumont, his Houston drip shines through in its own way in this single. With his incomparable flow, paired with the visual lyricism of Bun B, it’s no wonder that this video is doing numbers. Trying to categorize the flow with the rhythmic sounds of the piano in the back, the different tunes that carry the beat itself, and the snares tracking it, makes it its own category. Often times artist are placed in a box within the industry, leaving few to tap into the full creativity of their talents. However, Deezy proves that he builds the box for those to sit in and watch. Don’t believe it, check out this verse:

“B*tch gimme mine

I spit them raps like a semi-nine

This is light work, I aint really tryin’

It look good, ain’t really buy-in’

Now surely your thoughts have changed. Produced by Chase Racc$, and directed by Jorge Casanova, this video shows many of the backstreets of the City while presenting Deezy and Bun as the focal point of the video. If you think the single was dope, check out the full project (tap the #BSPWM link above), available on all platforms.




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