Music Mondays – For Real, For Real by Tarion

Since the heat is turning up outside, this single is an entire summer vibe. Picture cruising in the Houston air with he wind blowing, and you hear this chill, dynamic, ready to dance song. From Houston to across the world, Tarion is no stranger when it comes to making great music. Having been apart of the industry for more than 10 years, his sound is for those who love to hear the most delicate of rhythm from real instruments. Tell me what you hear and I’ll tell you what to feel. Though this single has been out for a minute, it’s impossible to NOT tune into it. Feeling the rhythm from the drums, to the guitar and the silkiest vocals from the man himself makes you want to move. You can blast it in the car, two-step it with the family or even jam it in your headphones, but either way, you’re going to dance to it.

A breath of fresh air from the Hip-Hop, rather this is a mix of Funk,Jazz, and R&B all in one. For Real, For Real, is something we’re all thinking about but this song says it. Production by ZiG, shows the time and effort it took to create this masterpiece, which is still doing numbers. The Summer just became hotter with this single!

Check out a few of his works below, you won’t be disappointed.

This is definitely J.Renae’s pick of the week.




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