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KenTheMan Drops “WTF” Video on Her Birthday

First and foremost, happy birthday to one of the more lyrical female talents we have in the city of Houston, KenTheMan. As a part of her celebration festivities, the fence released her video for “WTF.”

On the video, besides KenTHeMan talking her normal sh*t, uplifting women and belittling men, she’s also is showing off her supreme boss status. Surrounded by money and butlers, while stunningly dressed in every outfit, KenTheMan continues to be a voice for all the boss b***hes with high standards, who’s not easily impressed.

She opens up the verse with:

“I don’t pay my bills what the fucks a lease
Boy we ain’t in Paris what the fucks a we
I get what I want I don’t have a need
Would fuck With yo nigga but he ain’t got the cheese “

Again Happy Birthday to KenTheMan and we can all celebrate with her by watching “WTF” above. 

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