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New Music Monday’s: Rickey Benz – A Friend Named Josh

It never gets easier when you loose someone, especially a best friend that is more like a sibling than anything. The trauma that we go through and the rollercoaster of emotions is something that you never wish on your worst enemy. If you had one wish, it would most likely be to bring back that one person that you truly had the best memories with. You’ve seen that person grow, you’ve been there through their darkest moments and highest of highs, you may have even had little argument here and there but y’all always came back together to chill one last time. Even though they’re your forever angel, you can still go through the photos and the memories you have stored with you to remember them. And when all seems lost, you can just look up at the sky and know that you’re protected by them.

When I heard A Friend Named Josh by Rickey Benz, prod. by Lerumo, goosebumps. Every word, every note, every melody and harmonization, tapped into the memories of my forever Angels. This single in particular is Benz, reminiscing on the memories with his best friend Josh Samuel, or as many know him as Turn Me Up Josh, who was tragically murdered at a Houston Nightclub. The 4x Grammy nominated producer was working on Lil Durk’s new album at the time of his passing. You may know every song he’s produced like Versace by Migos, and Drake & Lil Durk’s “Laugh Now Cry Later” plus more! Houston has truly lost a real one, but he had the realest of friends and Benz is one of them.

Throughout the video, you see pictures of Josh and his growth in the industry with elite rapper and entertainers, even with to late-great Nipsey Hussle. Towards the end you find a special photo with him and his best friend Rickey Benz.

Lerumo & Benz did an excellent job on this masterpiece, from start to finish, your eyes will be filled with happy tears, knowing that thought your angel isn’t pleasant in the flesh, they’re with you throughout your days forever.

Rest in Power Josh.

Tap below to hear the meaningful words and vibes from this iconic duo.



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