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DJ Hard Hitta Wears A New Crown On New Album; He’s the ‘King of the Vibe’

Right now, Houston is considered to be one of the most lit places in the nation. Celebrities are often randomly here, they’re considered the strip club Capitol and H-Town is becoming a hub for music. As a result, the city of Houston has become a vibe and Missouri City native, DJ Hard Hitta, from the Rap-A-Lot family, crowned himself king on new album King of the Vibe

World Star Hip-Hop exclusively released the star-studded 16-track project, and although DJ Hard Hitta is from H-Town, King Of The Vibe is not at all considered “Houston music.” Dj Hard Hitta, aka King of the Vibe, just so happened to be from Houston, but the vibe travels everywhere. The album is a compilation of all types of good music, from all over. He provides songs for the ladies, fellas, the clubs, and the smokers, all while catering to every hip-hop region. The versatility of King Of The Vibe covers the East and West coast, the Midwest, and the South. 

The album features familiar industry artists as the late Nipsey Hussle, Jim Jones, Jeremiah, Yella Beezy, Twista, Murphy Lee, RJ MrLA, Skippa Da Flippa, T.K Kravis, and more. DJ Hard Hitta didn’t forget about his hometown as he included several H-Town artists like Lil Flip, Haroldlujah, and Young Lyric, and he has new names like Scotty Raps, Angelo Dorsey, Yella Yella, Falcon Da God, and more. 

It seems like Dj Hard Hitta wanted to reminded us that it’s real music all over the nation with King of the Vibe. Listening to the album will be similar to going on an audio tour all over the country. Don’t believe me, listen for yourself above and check out the video to the last track on the album “State 2 State” ft. Nipsey Hussle, GMAC, RJMrLA. 

For more info on DJ Hard Hitta, follow him on Instagram @DjHardHitta. 

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