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SAMOKDOT Drops Video For “A.B.B”

For the last video of his quarterly releases, SAMOKDOT wants everyone to know what he’s on. He’s all about business and he lyrically express that in his new video “A.B.B.”

If you know SAMOKDOT, you’ll know that he’s really “A.B.B.” Who else would move all the way from Aurora, Colorado, to the South Park area of Houston just to purse a dream? A person that’s all about business that is. The video shot by Osa. Mars, isn’t too complex because the message that SAMOKOT is sending is simple, he’s all about his business.

SAMOKDOT’s next release will be sometime late June. Check out “A.B.B” above and for information on this artist, follow him on IG @SAMOKDOT.

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