NBA Champion Stephen Jackson Active In The Community For Change

Written by: Jay Baythin

Stephen Jackson is an elite pillared in our community. Being from Texas (Houston/Port Arthur area), he saw life play out many ways. His humble beginnings gave him many different routes to go in life. Some good.. Some not so good. Stephen Jackson eventually would excel in basketball. Leading his hometown high school to a state championship his junior year. Upon the completion of his junior year Jackson would transfer to powerhouse Oak Hill Academy. Once his senior year was coming to an end, Stephen was selected as a McDonald’s All American. Showcasing his athletic ability amongst other future great NBA talents.

The road to the NBA wasn’t easy. Stephen Jackson didn’t attend a D1 school. He enrolled at a Community College in Kansas. Stephen Jackson participated in pickup games with the Phoenix Suns prior to the 97’ NBA draft. The Phoenix Suns organization was impressed with Stephen skill set, along with his fearlessness. Stephen Jackson plays the game with passion and aggressiveness every time he’s on the court. During his professional career he played for several teams. In 2003 he was on the San Antonio Spurs team that won the championship. A great accomplishment for someone who had to overcome many obstacles.

Stephen Jackson is the teammate/friend that everyone wants. If he’s with you? He’s with you. Standing by your side the entire way. Since his retirement, he have been present with the community protesting for justice. A remarkable act of someone that’s looked upon as a celebrity. Stephen Jackson is a man before anything.. using his status and platform to bring awareness to America’s many issues. His actions gives the community a sense of not being alone during troubling times. With everything that’s going on in the world, individuals like Stephen Jackson is needed.

Recently Jackson have publicly displayed his support of Kyrie Irving’s decision to not get vaccinated. Which is major for Kyrie, considering plenty other NBA retirees have shamed him for his choice. Playing basketball at the highest level is their livelihood. What some individuals tend to forget, is that there’s life after basketball. Watching Stephen Jackson interacting, supporting and being compassionate to life outside of basketball is amazing.

One thing we all can learn from Stephen Jackson.. Be True To Yourself!

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