Yung Al, OTB Fastlane, D Flowers, DeeBaby, & Guapo Collectively Killed Houston’s New “Mannnn Freestyle” Produced by June James

Let me make this clear, when I say they Killed Houston’s new “Mann” freestyle, I meant that in a good way.
Super producer June James did a perfect job of paying homage to his city of Houston by producing H-Town’s new “Mannnn Freestyle.”

Like “Mann,” the original freestyle did by the late legend Big Moe featuring, fellow living legends, E.S.G and Big Pokey, this “Mannnn Freestyle,” has new all Houstonians, and all of them are legendary in their own right.

Yung Al, OTB Fastlane, D Flowers, DeeBaby, and Guapo, are five rappers who are all making noise in the city. Unlike the original version, this “Mannnn Freestyle,” is not an anthem track. The artists are rapping rapping on this one.

Not discrediting what the OG’s did on their “Mann” freestyle, because this version probably won’t remotely come close to influencing the culture as they did, but I’m saying that this new Houston generation of rappers are giving an extreme effort in displaying their lyricism, as they collectively kill this new “Mannnn Freestyle.”

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