Johnny Cocoa From Beaumont TX Embraces Southern Sound In New “On God” Video

From Beaumont Tx, artist Johnny Cocoa is bringing back the sounds traditional southerners are accustomed to hearing. When you hear the production of his new track, “On God,” you’ll hear classical usages of guitar and organ sounds combining perfectly to evocative a nostalgic southern sound.

As far as Johnny’s artistry goes, is he singing? Is he rapping? Do we call it a melodic flow? I can’t put his style in a category, but I’d like to call it country rap tunes.

It’s like he’s rapping the blues yet possesses the ability to hit high pitch notes like an R&B singer. For example, when he sung, “I check the market, I’m the hardest, I ain’t got no doubt. I move the smartest Johnny never gave his paper route.”

He’s giving us insight on wrath that goes down where he’s from but also gives us insight on where he wants to go with his music. He said, “I’m really with it, I can see the vision. I’m bound to get it, I can feel it, that’s my institution. I’m tryna break a hundred thousand down and save a million.”

It’s been a minute since we heard a southern artist who embraces the traditional southern sound, but now we got one in Johnny Cocoa. Check out “On God” above, and for more information on him, follow his Instagram @Johnnycocoa_.

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