Houston, being a powerful city, has birthed some of the most talented artists, producers, influencers and philanthropists, many of whom are all in one. November 4th was no different as this week, as every year prior, excluding Covid, is Astroworld Fest, ending in the concert of the year with a concert filled with artists from the city and beyond. 

This year, Travis Scott and the Cactus Jack Foundation partnered with TXRX Labs to provide a space for the youth that applies specific skills in fashion, design and technology. Walking in was a surreal experience as the set up was suited to the components that embody the genius mindset of Travis $cott. Along with the dope music provided by GregtheGemini (@GregtheGemini ), The adjacent room showcased the light-artwork fixture that will likely be used for fashion and technology shows. Towards the rear, through a glass window, the advanced technological center is filled with the most up to date instruments, perfect for the students who will soon fill it. To add to the decor, a night-hawk, from his second tour, was suspended from the ceiling in the corner next to the podium where the Grammy-nominated artist was speaking. 

Upon welcome, Jordan Webster, Scott’s sister, expressed the mission for the Travis Scott’s foundation; much of which is to enrich the lives of kids, young adults  and those less fortunate to make sure that they have the opportunities and accessibility to achieve their goals. 

The youth center, centered around the leaders of design and fashion, creating a bridge for high school students to higher opportunities and hone in on their growing talents, and empowering the youth of Houston to be the next leading fashion driven people to bring Houston back to the top. 

Travis discussed that throughout his travels, seeing and having the experiences with design and fashion urged him to create a similar space in his hometown of Houston, Texas. He wants to be the spark in the minds that’ll change the future, to create the opportunity and the experience for the ones that hold the future.

Not to mention, he’s going on tour pretty soon.

 Check out the recap below.