Houston Rapper K3-K3V Self Titled Album Takes Listener To Another Dimension

K3-K3V is from the North-side of Houston, but when you listen to his new album K3-K3V, you’ll believe he’s an extraterrestrial.

The culture of Houston music has evolved dramatically, and this Yellowland Records artist epitomizes that.

His sound isn’t the traditional sound southerners are accustomed to hearing. With only 10 tracks, the K3-K3V album functions as a spacecraft, sonically taking the listener somewhere deep in to the cosmos.

Immediately he shows us that he’s different from the first track, “HOW DO YA.”

Over a rock-star trap production, the North-side rapper uses his high-pitched sci-fi mumble rap to explain its uniqueness. His style is spacey, and the vibe is lit.

“Get to that bag by all means, after these shows, these h**s won’t stop calling. Hop in that Rose, ain’t no more calling. I feel like Spalding, I cannot stop balling.”

Track 2 “V3TTE,” which is the single from the album and has a video to it, is a display of the out-of-sight, out-of-mind time K3-K3V is on.

The video is simple, yet complex simultaneously.
Director Sienna Burmes did a great job of capturing the K3-K3V supernatural trippy persona with the usage of special effects. The video “V3TTE,” is so sci-fi that it even shows the rapper rapping out of space.

Track No. 7 “GOTTA FEELING” is more of a feel-good song on the album. He’s still his rock-star alien timing with the sound, but the production is fast pace and has fun lyrical content.

On the hook he raps, “I gotta feeling that they got something to say, I gotta feeling that today I’m a pour an 8, I got a feeling that I’m a catch a play.” “GOTTA FEELING” is short and sweet and should motive the listener to have a good day.

Not trying to spoil the Yellowland Records artist K3-K3V, self-titled album, so I’ll let you guys and gals take a listen for yourself, but all-in-all K3-K3V’s flamboyant next dimension sound is something that Houston has never heard before. Check out the album and watch the video for “V3TTE” below.

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