The #BLKHISTORYPROJECT Celebrated 10 years of uplifting black culture with the KNKYHAIR SHOW – a presentation fusing hair, art and fashion shows – and a celebration it was!

Model: @aushasimone
Hair: @moroccanchocolate
Photo: @megyuup

Imagine walking into a space filled with photographs of beautiful black women with intricate hairstyles, artistic set designs and installations, libations by your favorite spirit brands and an aromatic fragrance from someone cooking in an actual kitchen. Now imagine seeing those same models that you see in the photos walking around the room with dynamic and phenomenal hairstyles and designs, drinking, eating and fellowshipping with you while occasionally posing for the many cameras in the room – that’s the KNKYHAIR SHOW.

Led by creative director and multidisciplinary artist, Salma Ekambi, the KNKYHAIR SHOW exemplifies the beauty of black hair and the culture behind every black woman who dawns a crown, no matter how long or short, kinky and curly. Black hair should be celebrated.

Photo of Creative Director, Salma Ekambi Installation by: @ch4ndrika

The #BLKHISTORYPROJECT started during a moment in time when I felt like black people needed to feel more protected as well as celebrated. My team and I wanted to create a space where we could get to know more about each other as a culture in a fun and entertaining way. One of my artistic loves is being a hairstylist. One of my goals with the KNKYHAIR SHOW is to bring the attention to the most crucial piece of modeling, which is the hair. If the hair’s not right then the whole thing is messed up. Plus we as black women are PROUD of our hair. The KNKYHAIR SHOW shows everyone just how proud we are.

– Salma Ekambi, Creative Director, #BLKHISTORYPROJECT

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Contributing Photographers:

Fred Agho

Deun Ivory

Dario De Leon

Rosebeth Akharamen

Mekahaliah Brown

Megan Sumpton

Brennan Pierre

Eric Michael Ward

Salma Ekambi

Set Design By: @sanmanstudios

Hair: Salma Ekambi (@moroccanchocolate)

Makeup: Ava Meade

“If you put your mind to something and persist with faith, you can accomplish anything you could dream of. There is no EYE in KNKY.” – KNKYHAIR

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