Houston rapper  Brick OTB is known for his ability to vibrate on a higher frequency than the average person, but the man isn’t selfish on his elevation. Through music, Brick constantly challenges his listeners to elevate their minds and think beyond what you see. 

On his new single “Honesty” he opens the track by questioning the loyalty of women. He embraces his Houston “playa” ways and trust is intuition knowing that she’s running game. He uses his smooth subtle flow to let listeners know that hip to the game run by women. On the track he says, “She wanted honesty and loyalty but it was all a bust. She said I was the only one, but she probably said that s**t to all of us.”

Brick from the rugged streets of the Northside of Houston, has a history of leading his listeners to a new level of thinking. If you aren’t hip to the conscious flow of Brick, check out “Honesty” below.   

Also, be on the lookout for his new project Sip Sessions on 5/52022.