Be sure to sign in your YouTube account to catch this vibe with young Gemini. The way Pirate Fame captures videos will definitely make you feel like you’re watching a movie. Go back and watch DOUGHBEEZY’s LATELY. In this one Richelle and Mrs. Chinara Butler invite you to take ride and vibe with the homies. If you ever hotboxed with the homie after listening to a fire, dope, throwed, lit, (use your own adjective then add “ass” at the end) track, probably something with a R&B vibe, perfect to slow down and imagine you’re in the studio with Screw or Watts (your choice, mines is Screw) and just going live, then you will appreciate “A High Ride”. Richelle is killing it with her “Waiting On The Plug” stage play tour. If you haven’t seen that yet (you sleep) then you should definitely keep in tune when the next show is. Trust if you enjoyed this video then you will love “Waiting On The Plug.” 

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