Omarious Dalcour, the founder and CEO of one of Houston’s fast-growing clothing lines, Fearless Individuals.

Do you know what you call someone who is bold? Who is brave? Who is courageous? Who is confident and unafraid? A person who is willing to take the risk to better their situation but unwilling to let anything prevent them from achieving their goals? You call that person a fearless individual. Omarious Dalcour, the founder and CEO of one of Houston’s fast-growing clothing lines, Fearless Individuals, is a person who represents all of the qualities of his brand, and he makes clothes for like-minded individuals with his same attitude. Recently, I sat down with Dalcour, also known as OD Fearless, to talk about his brand, and he said this about his newest drop, Season 3 Campaign (Are you fearless)  Electromagnetic collection:

1. Where and when did the idea of Fearless Individuals come about?

The idea came when I was told start a brand when I was hanging out with Ghost, who started the Alief store around 2017-2018. I didn’t have any prior experience, so I didn’t know how or when to start. I was doing little pop ups when he had events at the store, but I didn’t have any knowledge or direction on where I was going at first, until I start doing my homework and really focusing on myself. The name for the brand at first was “crucial” lol, which was kind of whack looking back at it. But long story short, I was going through a lot in my life at the time and I remember waking up out my sleep at 2:22 am and the first thing to come to my mind was fearless! Then over time I understood how important your individuality is, so I combined the two and now where here Fearless Individuals!

2. What are you looking to accomplish with Fearless Individuals?

I wanna bring in a new lifestyle that reminds people to be fearless whenever there being creative or productive. Whatever idea you have be fearless towards it and always keep faith in God. God didn’t make us to live in fear. I just wanna use what I been through to bring a lifestyle that bring people for unfortunate situations together instead of hating one another.

3. What inspired you to make clothes?

4. What inspired you to make this line?

Really I’m living proof of a fearless individual. I strive everyday to be more fearless myself. It’s plenty things through life that you may be scared to approach, but I just want to set out a reminder that we really can do whatever we want in life if we use our time to be innovative and creative. For anything you envision you have to work twice as hard that’s where your fearlessness kick in. I personally feel like a lot of people scared to be themselves that’s why I want to bring the fearless individual lifestyle into play.

5. Where did the idea of the lighting bolts come from?

Well for one, we’re all electromagnetic beings. And we all carry different types of energy good and bad. And it’s just basically a spin off on how powerful we are and the potentials we have if we’re to focus on our self’s in the right way, which is mind body and spirit! And two, I love DBZ (Dragon Ball Z) and I used to be infatuated on how Vegeta used to really wanna be the best and how they used to can read your energy levels with those scout glasses. And how Goku turned super sayain for the first time and they had electricity flowing through body.

TSF rapper Peso Peso in the new Electromagnetic collection

6. Who are some of the big names wearing Fearless Individuals?

We had a chance to get D miles from the clippers, That Mexican OT, peso peso, Sosamann and of course my lil brother young Deji, also and we actually had LA comedian Rene Vaca go viral at the improv in our chosen ones collection. Thanks to my boy Lil Mexico Hov I think the video did about 5 million views so that was a pretty dope experience for me.

7. Who are some of the big names you want to see in Fearless Individuals?

I want to take over the city first, so anybody from Houston and people that’s coming into Houston then we’ll focus on the rest of the world.

The future is bright! I want to use my time to make this brand a real platform where we really dive into what being fearless is about. I want to focus on bringing a more healthier lifestyle that kids can still enjoy without having to be on that ra ra s**t. I feel like I can use my brand to relate to our people and help them understand we’re more than what statistics prove. I know for a fact that people are going to love what I got in the future because it pure and it’s progressive. We don’t out ourselves above or below anybody so it’s all love over here we’re open to working with like minded individuals!
As of now, there is no website for Fearless Individuals, but if you want to find their products, you can visit Trusted Kicks located on 1840 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77098 to purchase some gear. You can also follow the brand on Instagram at fearless.individuals for more information. According to Dalcour, there will be a Fearless pop up at The Closet HTX, located on the second floor of 6224 Richmond Ave., at the end of March.  

Sosaman and Peso Peso


Yung Deji




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