2015-HTM-LogoredI longed for a magazine that would grasp my attention as well as highlight all of my surroundings from the business world to nightly social gatherings. In a city where new ideas are brought to the table every day, I believed that Houston needed an online publication as unique as itself.

As we continue to set trends everyday from our music, our fashion, the places we go, and even how we do business, Houston TREND is not just the name of the magazine, IT’S WHAT WE DO! The phrase “Social Trend and Thought” perfectly defines the direction of Houston TREND. I want to bring face forward the life of a young professional in Houston; where we like to eat, what we wear, what music we listen to, where we meet and greet, and also new ideas to keep people in the know with the proper edge.

“Why call it Houston TREND?” you ask, why not!? Houston has set numerous TRENDS that the nation has followed over the years. I can assure you that plenty of the TRENDS that started here have spread like an uncontrollable wild fire across the nation. Just “Check up on it” (That was a good video from Beyonce’, whom happens to be from Houston.)

Coming up under the wing of one of Houston’s most influential businessmen, David Anderson, I’ve had first hand experienced of all the ventures of the ideal individual whose computer you may find this online magazine on; The ambitious individual who doesn’t stop with just one idea, but who applies every bit of “hustle” to get to the next level. Houston TREND will bridge the gap between those in the suited corporate world and the T-shirt and jeans wearing entrepreneurs.

It’s obvious my love for Houston has grown with every sunrise and night fall; from the fast paced way we do business and our party till the break of dawn nights, to our ability to get up and do it all again the next day. This publication will be the best tailor fitted portrayal to the 4th largest city in the nation.


Houston TREND Magazine looks to provide positive information about Houston’s young professionals and the accomplishment that have done and the ones they are moving forward to. Houston TREND Magazine mission is to help give positive exposure to those that are featured in it while providing out readers with entertaining and useful about the things going on in Houston, TX.


Houston TREND Magazine is about setting TRENDs. Aside from speaking about the “TREND-Setters” of Houston, our weekly online magazine currently serves as a gateway to keeping Houstonians in the know about the things that impact their lives as young professionals.  Houston TREND Magazine is the first of its kind. While there are many magazines based on Houston, none feature our culture and Houston’s keystone locations that make Houston what it is.



It became obvious that most magazines here in Houston stick to one subject and one subject alone. What makes Houston TREND Magazine different from these other magazines based on/in Houston is that we are able to touch an array of subjects while keeping our main focus on you, the “Houston TREND-Setters”. We want Houstonians to know about people in the city of Houston that are doing amazing things, at the same time introduce new ideas, locations, and TRENDs.

-Houston’s Source for Social TREND & Thought-

Target Demographics:


TREND-setting, Professional Adults (21yrs – 45yrs), with a disposable income (avg. income: $40,000 +/yr) that affords them the ability to enjoy the things that Houston has to offer.