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Jason Pitts’ Daughter Can Sing! And She’s From Houston! Check Out @KatlynnSimone “H-Town” Video

Cwsd6eBUQAAOZ_sWow! Jason Pitts’ daughter from the Game is all grown up, she’s making music and she’s from Houston! Katlynn Simone, another lowkey H-Town mega star, played Brittany Pitts from BET’s The Game. She had her 21st birthday and she celebrated it by dropping a  video dedicating it to Houston.

It’s very tactical to get the support from your home city in the music industry and seeing that Simone is multi-talented it wont be hard. She reps Houston heavy with her acoustic R&B style mixed with some rap skills. This video directed by Natho and Plex includes all the Houston elements. There are chopped and screwed snippets, there are candy slabs in the video, and she references UGK and mentions all of the city’s major sports teams. The Houston culture is felt in a unique way in Simone.

There isn’t many indie artist doing like this in Houston. Although he’s known for acting, she is definitely a talented musician.

“‘H-Town’ is me introducing myself to the music world,” Simone said in a press release. “Most people recognize me as an actress, but they don’t know music started it all. This is my way of putting it out there and letting y’all know where I come from. I love my city.”

“H-Town” was produced by Fayo and Chill who made “For However Long” on Bryson Tiller‘s platinum-selling Trapsoul album.  Simone is currently working on new music but you can check out her new video “H-Town” here.

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