Slim Thug – KOTN Directed by Stixx & Samm

One thing you can assure yourself about Slim is that he will always deliver. Slim doesn’t veer too far from his comfort zone and honestly, he doesn’t need to. With the release of his anticipated album “King Of the North” or for short “KOTN” slightly delayed from its original set day on July 13, Seven-Thirteen Day, Slim took the time to get with the legendary DJ Michael Watts to create some of that classic Swisha House chopped and slowed down vibes. While the regular version has yet to be released or known if it will be, we can get a taste of it through Slim’s lead single, “KOTN”. Stixx and Samm utilize Slim’s estate to create a slight MTV Cribs style video showcasing the playoffs from Slim’s years of hard work.

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