Wisdom’s new EP wreaks of depth and is filled with fun loving music. As a result, the Nigerian artist, by a way of Houston, topped the charts in his country. Right now on the Apple Music charts in Nigeria, Wisdom’s (Not) Just a Man album is No.1

The unraveling tango between love and dreams perfectly led by Afrobeats. Each song carries its own story straight into the mind of the listener. Dreams of a lost boy. The Confessions of just a man to an indescribable God . The 9-track project features mainly afro sound to create an acrobat space flowing. Sounds go from Afropop in Tracks “Enough” and “Waiting” to AfroSoul in “Zombie” and “Lost Boy.” Tracks like “Just a Man” and “Happy,” is what he class Afrohouse. The afro sound really comes alive in this project. He also surprisingly brings some elements of R&B with a soul infusing in “Indescribable” and “Let it Be.”

All tracks were recorded and produced in Houston Texas. Wisdom collaborated with various artist including ID Cabasa, VTek, Marvy and Matt O’Neil. Check out (Not) Just a Man below, and for everything Wisdom, go check out his website WisemanWiz.com