Houston is home of a plethora of talent artist, and Lilr0n from the Hiram Clarke is one with many talents. Officially, he’s a professional barber, but not just any barber. He’s nearly a celebrity barber, especially on a local level. He cuts the head of Houston rapper Guapo, NBA affiliate Ben 10, and many more. Lilr0n’s other talent is rapping. 

In his latest video, “VLone,” shot by directed and shot by Jshotem, the Hiram Clarke native puts his music making skills on full display.  The rapper is isolated in lofty setting using an autotune melodic flow to inform the listener that no obstacle is stopping him from achieving his goals. He raps, They say I’m the one and I’m chosen, I cannot be cloned. Turning my back on these n****s, these n****s be gone so I’m rocking VLone. “Road to riches, money on my mind, I gotta get it, s**t ain’t stopping til I turn 50, before I die, I’m a touch a milli. Silly rabbit, these b****s tricky, I been running laps I been chasing Benjis, Like Nintendo, they steady switchin, all these people talking, I’m steady listening.”

“VLone” is just one song from his Ballin Barber album. The 10-track project is filled with cool songs that should increase you hustler’s ambition. Every song, Lilr0n is letting the lister know that he’s on his grind everyday, whether it’s cutting hair or hustling, after listing to this album, it’s no doubt that he’s aspires to elevated his tax bracket asap. Check out his video “Vlone” above and his new album Ballin Barber below. For more on this artist, follow him on Instagram at, Lilr0n_.

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