(Photos & Review) Houston All Stars of Comedy at the Improv – May 9, 2012

In the Words of Cecilia:

Comedy is alive and well within the city of Houston.

On Wednesday, May 9 “Houston’s All Stars of Comedy” show proved just this; opening to a sold out audience, a Sol Caritas production, a portion of the benefits were donated to the newly launched “Sol Cares About Breast Cancer” initiative.

Hosted by Houston’s own Terry Grossman, he kept the ship moving effortlessly as it rolled over waves of laughter throughout the night.

Kristin Lindner kicked the night off with tales of hamster rearing and parenting. While a few arrows missed their mark she put on a solid performance; including a hypothesis on the evolution of healthcare into the future, suggesting that one day we’ll simply go to automated systems instead of doctors. “Please press 1 if you believe you have diabetes…I’m sorry, you don’t have the funds for diabetes.”

You know, pretty much like how it is now.

Next to the stage was rising comic Kenneth Boyd, also known affectionately as “Ken II the Fool” as he is called at the various events he hosts within the city. His material continues to evolve as he hones his craft. Drawing on his real life experience of growing up around a multitude of women, he schooled the audience in the fine distinction between “A real woman/lady versus a bitch.” Apparently, “A woman will sit in the front row [at church], while a bitch will wear..her lacefront. “

Good to know. I made the cut.

A brief intermission ensued, during which time host Grossman admonished a woman for showing up in a hoodie dress, exclaiming “You gotta hoodie dress on. Where the f*ck did you find that at?!”

I thought I was being mean when I wondered the same thing in my head, but when he says it aloud its ok. Yep.

2009 “Houston’s Funniest Person” John Gard was up next, proving that though 3 years has passed since his crowning he still reigns supreme. Walking out to Dropkick Murphy’s “I’m Shipping out to Boston,” better known as the theme song from The Departed, I automatically wanted to stand up and do an Irish Jig, which automatically made him cool.  He didn’t disappoint. From his “older, insanely tough, gay brother Micah” to “Why snitching is ok” his entire set was pure comedic brilliance.

By the time headliner and BET regular Rodney Bigham came to the stage I felt as if I had already been treated to an excellent show, Bigham merely provided the icing. Speaking on the dynamic of new relationships versus seasoned veterans he highlighted the difference between “Beautiful lies and Ugly truths.” I’m sure every man in a new relationship left now knowing how to correctly answer the dreaded “Honey, does this make look fat/Have I gained weight?” line of questioning.

It’s quite clear that Houston is overflowing with comedic talent, and I am certainly looking forward to what else they have in store.


Pictures taken by: Artemis Reign