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NBA Finals

Well folks that time has come and the most captivating playoffs of the past 10 years is nearing an end. But not before a champion is crowned 2 teams remain, The Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs. The other 14 teams that entered the play offs thrown everything thing at these 2 balls clubs but they’ve weathered the storm and are set for a great finals.

Keys to victory for The Spurs :

First and foremost the spurs have arguably the greatest coach in NBA history Greg Popovich who can coach circles around anybody in the league. Also they have one of the greatest big three in History. The area where the spurs can flourish the most and where they can try to beat the heat is to have a healthy Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobli. Also they need to have there bench step up big time. Also to throw as many bodies at Lebron as possible, they have to make it as hard as possible for him and try to take him out of his comfort zone.

Keys to victory for The Heat :

Miami-Heat-2012-NBA-Champions-Roster-Wallpaper copy
The keys to victory for Miami would be to first slow Tony Parker, this is an difficult task but I believe the back court of Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole is formidable to defend him. Next is to have Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade put the horrible series between the pacers behind them and prove why they are part of the Big Three. Miami has to get quality production from the bench because if Allen Battier and Miller don’t produce the heat will be in a world of trouble. Lastly Lebron has to be great any thing less the heat will not win this series.

I predict the Heat will win in 6. No disrepect to the spurs but the have absolutely no one who can contain LeBron James. One thing that bothers the Heat is physical nasty teams, which is what the spurs is not. This is the match up they dreamed of because the spurs won’t beat them up nearly as bad as the pacers and bulls did. And after witnessing the trouble the spurs had against the warriors, that will only be amplified by the quicker better shooting Heat. Also I predict Chris Bosh will have big series also I predict Wade will flourish on the defensive end. Finally LeBron is getting another shot at redemption, he has stated he hasnt forgot how the spurs roasted him and the lowley cavaliers in the 2007 finals when he was swept and thoroughly embarrassed. The king isn’t happy and is seeking revenge.

Winners Heat in 6.

We are in for the last 2 exciting weeks of the finals and with the History that is between these 2 franchises we are about to witness a Nba Finals Classic. Grab your popcorn folks things are about get interesting.

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