(Article) The “Old Fart” is gone!: NBA Commissioner Adam Silver bans Donald Sterling

Written by: Jordan Lee of Houston TREND

Our good friend (NOT), Donald Sterling, received some bad news today about his standing with the NBA and the LA Clippers. Adam Silver, the NBA Commissioner, announced that Sterling is banned from the NBA for life and fined $2.5 million dollars for the racist comments he made about black people in a recording a few days ago.

The decision probably wasn’t hard to make seeing that Sterling’s comments made national headlines and sparked attention from other NBA members, celebrities, and even The President of The United States. The Clippers also lost 12 important sponsors including Kia, State Farm, and Red Bull. Therefore, Silver had no choice but to come down hard on Sterling.

Personally, I’m glad that Sterling cannot have anything else to do with the NBA. Those type of feelings should be kept to one’s self. Plus it is politically incorrect for him to dislike black people when African Americans make up over 75% of the NBA. I also forgot to mention in the last article that V. Stiviano, Sterling’s girlfriend, is also BLACK and of Hispanic decent. Furthermore, he needed to be made an example out of in reference to people apparently still harboring a “plantation mentality” because of how and what era they were raised. Sterling, being an old fart, does not give him the excuse of making comments like that of any sort.
Thank you, Adam Silver, for doing the right thing.

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