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Devyn3It’s always great to track down a stunning model who’s attained some success in the model game. But it can be just as full filling to discover an untouched gem. And that’s exactly what Devyn is… On her 1st shoot she gave face like a veteran with the enthusiasm of a rookie. If she can bottle up that emotion and use it on cue, the sky is the limit for Devyn.

Houston TREND: As a new model to the game Devyn…what expectations do you have for the industry?

Devyn Pleasant: My expectations would honestly be success. Not only success, but to have fun with any involvement in this industry.

Houston TREND: What are the basis of those expectations? Glory and war stories you’ve heard from veteran models or just a personal vision?

Devyn Pleasant: Honestly just a personal vision.

Houston TREND: We see many young women branding themselves as models in this day and age. I don’t feel there is a right or wrong response. But from your perspective, when is it appropriate to carry the badge of “model”.

Devyn Pleasant: I believe it’s appropriate to brand yourself as model when you’ve had plenty of experience, perhaps years of experience. When you’ve finally come to a point where you are surrounded by other experienced models, and your beauty and look becomes associated with something as little as make-up, to even fashion.


Houston TREND: Like many, I believe success is a journey and not a destination. When you look back 3 years from today, where would you liked to have been on this journey?

Devyn Pleasant: I would love to be known and to see my face across the globe or even just to say that I’ve progressed and learned more than where I’ve started, knowing very little at all. 

Houston TREND:  You’re new to modeling, but I can tell as soon as you popped in front of the camera you felt at home. Is that instinctive or did you premeditate your energy, expressions and poses?

Devyn Pleasant: It was instinctive. As I got older a lot of people would ask if I modeled, or why I haven’t considered it. When I finally got the opportunity, I got in front of the camera and I believed in myself. I believed that I had the beauty and the attitude for it, and I just went with the flow. 

Houston TREND: What element of modeling attracted you most to want to step your foot inside this arena?

Devyn Pleasant: When I see models on television or in magazines, I see nothing but beauty and uniqueness and that’s what attracts my attention most in this industry. 

Houston TREND: Just out of curiosity… If you were 300 pounds heavier with back acne (laughs)…what do you think you would be pursuing as a profession right now?

Devyn Pleasant: If I were 300 pounds with back acne, being the person that I am, I would be addicted to the gym. 

Houston TREND: Let’s be honest, there are a ton of advantages to life being a beautiful person male or female. Can you share with us some disadvantages to being attractive?

Devyn Pleasant: Some disadvantages would be the fact that others may only be interested in you for your looks and not how smart you are or where you are going in life. Also, another can be being judged by your looks and not your character, just by the commentary and looks I’ve gotten. You become easily chastised by others. 

Houston TREND: Explain to us how you navigate through these hurdles? Especially since nobody will ever sympathize with attractive people issues.

Devyn Pleasant: Honestly, it’s all about attitude. Only I can control what brings me down and what doesn’t, regardless of what I go through. So every day I try my best to keep a positive attitude because I have many things to be grateful for. I don’t wish to waste energy on the wrong things that bring negativity. I want all of my energy to remain positive, and use it only on the beautiful things in life. 

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Interview | Images by: Coreigh Terry

Model: Devyn Pleasant

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