(New Music) Spilly Shows Promise With Real Spill Mixtape

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Real Spill / Hip-Hop

(Spillionaire Entertainment, 2015)

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With the release of his debut mixtape Real Spill, 15-year-old Spilly Neutron proves that despite being young, he will be a force to be reckoned with in this music industry and that goes beyond music.


On SpillyNeutron.com Now!
Just like the character his name was inspired by, Nickelodeon’s Jimmy Neutron, this young Italian-American, Spilly Neutron is also a genius.
From the beginning, Spilly has been playing a game of chess since he stepped foot into this rap game.
He used his connections in Houston’s rap scene, and now is en-route to it taking over.
Before putting out any projects, the young CEO started his own entertainment company, Spillionaire Entertainment, which would allow him to have full control over his career.

Already, Spilly and Spillionaire Entertainment is well known in Houston’s entertainment mix, they were proud sponsors of the Go D.J Awards

Spilly is about business and he reveals it on on Real Spill. His mixtape display his adolescence but also his knowledge of music.
He is very aware that he is worth gold, and he introduces that in his “Gold Intro.”
His business savviness of the industry comes in on songs like, “Say it Again”, “Go Get It” ft. Laced Ghost, and “Independent.”
Those tracks exhibit his awareness of how to maximize his value in the rap game.
He also proves that he isn’t shy with the ladies, as he spits his good game on “Been Spillin” ft. Sosamann, and “R.T.S. Realest Trillest Spillest” ft. XO.
He also knows that there will be doubters as he climbs the latter and he address them in “Patronizing” and “Hold Me Down” ft. Laced Ghost and Laced Fritz.
Spillionaire Entertainment
His song “Flava to Cold,” lets us know too fresh and his song ft Manny Sauce, he tells us exactly what he want’s to do and that’s “Mess Up The City.”

Houston is on a new wave of music and Spilly is aware that he serves as the voice of young people striving  to live good the right way. He delivers trendy phrases that will resonate among teenagers and he hopes to set a positive example by displaying that it is possible to have fun without engaging in drugs and violence and still managing to give you the Real Spill.