Houston Artist @YoungDopeT Kicks Pimpin’ With New Track “Pimp Panther”

Coming from the south side of Houston, Young Dope T does it for the culture in new track “Pink Panther.” With the creative theme Pink Panther themed beat, Dope T as he would say “explushively” kicks game in this track. Following the footsteps of the fallen solider Pimp C, he also is styling and profiling on the beat. “Pink suit gold watch, got ya h** out on the creep,” is how he does it.

Dope T is an example of this new age Houston music. Not sounding identical to the traditional Houston sound, but he keeps the traditional Houston culture. H-Town, home of the plays and pimps and he let’s you know in this track. Check out “Pimp Panther above and see why this song has surpassed 4k listens.

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