DeLorean made waves when he dropped his latest EP “Take Me Back”. So it was only right to follow up the project with a concert. Acts like Big Fatts, Donnie B Good and a few special surprises were a perfect addition to hype the “too cool to groove” crowd. Never understood why pay to go to a concert and then stand in the back mentality. Regardless, when Delo set to the stage it was like an energy pulse made its way through the crowd and like a magnet pulling them in closer. Delo started his set with the “TAKE ME BACK INTRO” and from there the tracks just kept coming! Just when you thought you couldn’t get more enthusiastic about the show he brought on Doughbeezy to preform “PARALLEL PARK”  with him and Dough’s energy sent another shock wave through the crowd as they recited every word!


TAKE ME BACK is available via iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play and just about any other online store there is  

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