Today marks 20 years since Houston rapper, and an original member of DEA and SUC, Fat Pat was fatally shot outside of an apartment complex in 1998. Patrick Lamark Hawkins was the brother of John Edward Hawkins, better known as Big Hawk, who was murdered eight years later. After his death, Fat Pat’s debut album Ghetto Dreams released a month later, bolstering anthems still played to this day such as “Tops Drop”, “Superstar” and title track “Ghetto Dreams.” Fat Pat’s music and spirit will forever resonate within the hearts of everyone who holds Houston music dear to their hearts. Without legends such as Fat Pat, Big Moe, Hawk, DJ Screw and other originators of the Houston sound, who knows what would have become of the Houston music culture. #RestinParidise Fat Pat.

Take a trip down memory lane with “Tops Drop”