If you have a deep passion for H-Town then you’re going to really enjoy K Kash’s newest single “Houston.” IDK what he did to promote this song, but on SoundCloud, it has 97.3k listens and me myself, I’ve probably listened to it at least 100 times no cap. The reason why this song could be something special for the city of Houston because it’s another song going in the direction of this new wave of hip-hop. Of course Houston does have it’s profound identity of banging screw and Houstonians will forever embrace that, but that’s not the only sound coming out of the city and more and more artists are exploring a more universal sound and 18-year-old K Kash did just that with new song “Houston.” All he did was create a theme song for the city. The song embraces Houston to the upmost and it’s youthful and full of energy. This is a great track, it’s going crazy on SoundCloud and I advise you to give it a listen. For more of K Kash’s music, click on his SoundCloud link here.

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