When Screwed Up Click Legend, ESG listened to fans as they spoke to them about the many reasons why they no longer listened to the radio or went to shows, what he had to do for the sake of the southern culture became very apparent.

Fans constantly told him that they couldn’t support any NEW artists because it was too extreme of a switch from the southern, infamous, Country Rap Tunes type of music they loved and grew up listening to like DJ Screw, UGK, Slim Thug, Z-Ro…etc.

He heard them and agreed that the quality of the lyrics of music has declined. He noticed the fact that all bars currently had only 4 to 7 words and while some music he liked, he understood that certain soul sound of Southern Hip-Hop was lacking in the current period when it came to many of the upcoming artists he was listening to.

ESG decided that he would put together the Trill Republik in an attempt to bridge the gap between the “lyrically challenged” music and the music his fans loved.

He brought onboard, Sherman, Texas raised Singer and Songwriter, JTronius, UGK affiliated, Lo Trillinger out of Port Arthur/ Orange, TX, and talented Artist/ Writer out of Mansura, Louisiana, Yo Gutta who each brought their own talents from working with a number of talented legends and artists prior to ESG.

The reference to slave trade and slave owners refers to most “Record Labels” position in the music industry.

“As an independent artist, I noticed over the years how most labels treat artists like slaves. They use them for a certain amount of time and then they trade them to smaller labels or drop them completely. It always seemed unfair, and as people who used to be signed to labels are coming out about their story of being signed to record labels, I realized my observation was right.” President of the Trill Republik, ESG states.

As people like New Edition, TLC, Toni Braxton, R. Kelly and many more music artists are slowly, revealing unfair treatment within the music industry in their stories, one thing is for certain. Independent artists are a thing of the present AND future. They should be supported and shown the way to creative “freedom” without the restrictions and constraints of labels. They should also not be penalized for the lack of access to resources that record labels have within their reach due to a lack of money or willingness to “bow down” to ridiculous requests.

Talented individuals should be able to just create and be rewarded and respected for their great work.


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